Mocky’s Burgers & Mocktails

3261 Logan Rd, Underwood QLD 4119, Australia

About Mocky’s Burgers & Mocktails

4.5 / 5


Rina Yasin
June 05, 2020

I ordered the Mocky's Firebreather and also some masala chai. It was perfect on a cool night. The burger was great..not too spicy for me. The chai was yum. I would totally recommend this place 😁

Khowaja Immad
May 21, 2020

The best burger joint in South Brisbane. Believe me there is a taste in every single bite that you take. FIRE BREATHER is a must try! Cheers to the team for such a wonderful experience 💯

I Do dumb stuff
May 29, 2020

Super nice burgers only problem is choosing between the big original burger or two cheese chips in Brisbane for sure

Jonathan Goodwin
June 06, 2020

Went and got a feed from the boys on Friday night, good food and the banter made waiting for my food a good laugh. Will be back the HSP is a vibe 🔥🔥

Hasaan Rehman
February 05, 2020

Tried both the beef menu and chicken menu and both are amazing. As were both of the cocktails I've tried. Great service from the lads who run the place too

Mocky’s Burgers & Mocktails

Our Address

3261 Logan Rd, Underwood QLD 4119, Australia

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